Retrieve WSDL from Deployed Running BW6X application - HTTP ERROR: 500

Hi, I'am using TIBCO BW 6.4.0 along with TEA 2.2 On my local machine which is a windows based environment, i created and deployed a BW(6X) webservice (SOAP over HTTP). I'am trying to retrieve the WSDL. I can use the Endpoint URL (shown in TEA) with ?wsdl (http://localhost:8080/TIBCOSample?wsdl) on my browser to retrieve the deployed running WSDL. However, when trying the same for test environment which is a linux based environment, we get the following error


Problem accessing /TIBCO/Order. Reason:

    Server Error


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Any ideas as to

1: How to resolve the issue

2: Any other means by which WSDL can be retrieved from a running deployed BW6X application