Retrieve WSDL from Deployed Running BW6X application - WSDL Request Error Error in creating wsdl document.


Hi, I'am using TIBCO BW 6.4.0 along with TEA 2.2 On my local machine which is a windows based environment, i created and deployed a BW(6X) webservice (SOAP over HTTP). I'am trying to retrieve the WSDL. I can use the Endpoint URL (shown in TEA) with ?wsdl (http://localhost:19180/SOAPServiceBinding/getWSDLInterface/?wsdl)
 on my browser to retrieve the deployed running WSDL. However, when trying the same for test environment which is a linux based environment, we get the following error
WSDL Request Error

Error in creating wsdl document. 


This query is similar to the one in but the root cause is different for sure as this is a completely different kind of error.


Is there any configuration parameter which needs to be enable to retrieve wsdl?