Retrieving column of images from TERR


I've got a column of URLs that point to images I want to retrieve. Unfortunately, they can't be retrieved directly because they need to be retrieved using a http GEToperation with an authentication header. I'm therefore trying to use a data function to retrieve the images using RinR (is there a better way of doing this??). I can retrieve the images successfully, but I'm having problems returning them to Spotfire for visualisation afterwards. I know how to return the images as a document property and display in a text field, but I'd rather retrieve all the images and put them into a new column. 

 My idea was to use something like this:

Image_column <- sapply(Url, function(x) retrieveImage(x));

But this just produces columns of data, not a column of binary (image) data.

I would be thankful for any ideas on how to go about doing this.


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