Reuse of Javascript visualization in Spotfire

Hi All,

I was trying to use the javascript visualizaion(D3funnel) in my spotfire file.

I am getting the below error. 

Read callback 'data'  failed.

Type : ReferenceError

Message :D3Funnel is not defined

Stacktrace : ReferenceError : D3Funnel is not defined at renderCore


The same error is not happening if I create my data connection  and configuring the funnel visualization my data in the file from which I am importing the scripts.

I have attached the file which I am reusing for my data.

Has anyone experiences this issue? .Why this is happening?  If so how to solve this??


The same error happens if I try to use the javascript form the below link,


Thanks in advance,










Binary Data d3-funnel.dxp1.29 MB

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