Scatter plot - highlight bad time series data based on associated QC column.


We have a situation where we are trying to identify individual data points on a scatter plot based upon values in a secondary column.  We would like to plot multiple columns of time series data each with an associated quality control column for each time stamp. 

In our example, we are using a scatter plot with 2 time series data columns (Col_1, Col_2) each with a seperate, associated column containing a quality control flag (Col_1_QC, Col_2_QC).   (See attached image_1.)

We would like to be able to plot the 2 data columns on the Y axis and change the color and/or shape of an individual line's data point based upon the value their associated quality control column.  We have been able to color all data column points based upon a single quality control column but can't figure a way to "pair" these columns.  

We also tried creating a calculated column for each data column of just the bad values based on the QC columns and plot that data series on top the existing graph using a different color.  However, we use the line connection to show order of the time series data on the graph which also gives us lines connecting the error values (see red lilne in attached graph_errorlines image).  We can't figure out how to shut the line connection down for just those columns.

I attached an image showing an example of what we are trying to do with the red "X" making values where the value in the associated QC column for that timestamp was greater than 1.  

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

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Hello Gaia,

Thanks for the response.  I have attached an example.dxp of what we are trying to accomplish. 

We would like to have a single graph that contains both lines in the "Individual Graphs" tab.  When I create a single graph as in the "CombinedWithErrors" tab, it is close but we need to figure out a way to get rid on the red lines between the  error values.  

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sflaherty - Nov 11, 2020 - 12:33pm

there is a lot going on to be working off images - could you upload a sample dxp with what you have done so far?

Gaia Paolini - Nov 10, 2020 - 8:24am
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