Scribe Dynamics 365 "cannot connect" when using different target on

Cannot run integration scripts into a - Intermittent, but persistent connection errors


We have developed some scripts to a trial on, and then have moved to the clients tenant on (the new UK datacentre), and the scripts / agent do not work


Failed to open one or more connections: Verify that the Organization is correct and that you can connect to the same Organization from the system running the Scribe Online Agent. The following exception message was returned from the 365 Connector: Unable to find the 'myOrg' organization



The source organisation is on premise, with an IFD as well. We have tried both cloud agent and an agent on the CRM server itself. Neither are able to work. We then try moving data from the Trial ( to the tenant sandbox ( and it works fine !!! However the source data is on our internal servers. 


Anyone else come across this issue?


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