Scribe Online April 2015 Agent Update

Scribe has released an agent update with the following enhancements and addressed issues:


Agent Issue


  • A timing issue between the Agent and Scribe Online occasionally caused a Solution to remain in an In Progress state indefinitely. ( D9672 / Case # 69486 )


Update to the Scribe Online Connector For Salesforce


  • Support for Salesforce API Version 33.
  • Support for Insert, Update, and Upsert operations with relationships.
  • An option on the Salesforce Manage Connection dialog to automatically refresh metadata on every run for Replication Services (RS). If enabled, this option uses more Salesforce API calls because the metadata must be retrieved from Salesforce. However, if you frequently modify your schema, enabling this option ensures that your maps have the latest metadata.


Note: You must manually refresh metadata to see the updated metadata reflected in the Scribe Online user interface.

Be sure to clear your browser cache after the upgrade.

For information on using the Salesforce Connector, see Scribe Online Connector for Salesforce (


Posted by Ana B. on Apr 3 2015 6:00PM { U4721 , F35 , T3907 , C11875 }