Scribe Online Connector for Eloqua Bulk API Released

Scribe Software has released a Scribe Online Connector for Eloqua Bulk API. This Connector enables you to create contact and account information in Eloqua with Scribe Online, as well as query activity information from Eloqua. The following entities are currently supported by this connector:


Account, Contact, Company Custom Objects, Contact Custom Objects and specific Activity Types


The Connector is available through the Scribe Online Marketplace (



For information about using the Eloqua Bulk API Connector, see Scribe Online Connectors For Eloqua (



Known Issues


  • The Eloqua Bulk API truncates milliseconds from dates before returning records. If you enable the Process only records created or updated since last run option in a query, the query may return more records than expected. (D9275)


Posted by Ana B. on Nov 24 2014 3:41PM { U4721 , F60 , T3791 , C11615 }