Scribe Online February Update

Scribe recently released the February 2012 update of Scribe Online.  

Note: With this release, Scribe Online has upgraded to Silverlight 5.0 ( If you are running an earlier version of Silverlight, you will be prompted to upgrade when you sign in to Scribe Online.


Important: For existing users, Scribe Online will automatically update your Scribe Online Agent within 24 hours of the Update. During this 24 hour period, if your agent is out-of-date (see Agents Tab in Scribe Online), you must restart the Scribe Online Agent Service before creating or editing any Solution Instances. 

New Features & Improvements


Scribe is excited to announce the February 2012 update of Scribe Online. This update includes:

* This release includes Connections for ODBC and OLE DB, previously announced in the Scribe Online Forum.

* Many pages have been updated to be more responsive. For example, the Solutions page will update more quickly when the status of a Solution Instance changes. Moreover, these pages no longer refresh periodically unless the content of the page requires an update.

* You can now add a description to Solution Instances to help you document your integrations.

* When viewing failed rows in the Execution History page for a Scribe Online SYS Solution Instance, primary key information is now always shown, thereby allowing you to more easily diagnose the reason for the failure. In earlier versions of Scribe Online SYS, the primary key was only included if it was included in a formula on the relevant Map.

* Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connections now support Microsoft Office 365 user IDs.

* The formula editor in Scribe Online SYS has several new features, including:

- Autocomplete - When editing a formula, you can enter the first several characters of a field name or function and then click Ctrl-Space. A menu of potential matches displays from which to select.

- Drag and Drop - In addition to double-clicking function and field names from the functions and properties list to insert an item into the formula, you can drag and drop the function or property directly into the formula.

* In addition, there have been a number of other improvements to Scribe Online SYS mapping functionality:

- From the Map editor, you can now Cut, Copy and Paste a formula from the Fields tab.

- You can now create a copy of an entire Map. This is useful when you are building multiple Maps that perform similar functions. In this case, you can make a copy of the first Map and use that Map as a starting point to build subsequent Maps.

- Scribe Online SYS now allows you to rename parent entities. In the Map editor, you can map fields not just from the selected entity, but also to related parent entities.

For example, if you select a Contact entity as your source entity when connecting to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Scribe Online allows you to map fields relating to the Account for that contact.

Scribe Online determines parent entity names based upon relationship metadata provided by the source system, but some systems use cryptic names for their relationships (such as applications built on Microsoft SQL Server, which may use simple number schemes when defining foreign key relationships). In this case, the parents as shown in Scribe Online SYS display the cryptic foreign key names. With the Rename feature, you can provide more meaningful names.


Bug Fixes


This release resolves the following issues:

* Metadata retrieval (i.e., fetching the list of entities and field attributes from source and target systems) has undergone significant improvements. As described in the Known Issues section of the December 2011 release notice (, requests for metadata would intermittently timeout or otherwise fail. With the February 2012 update of Scribe Online, metadata requests should be much more reliable.

* Refreshing metadata against Connections for a Microsoft SQL Server data source with many entities could take several minutes. With this release, this operation should complete in several seconds.

* Agents are better able to handle network connectivity outages. The Scribe Online Agent connects via Microsoft's Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to enable real-time communication between the Agent and the Scribe Online Cloud. Under certain circumstances, the ESB connection could go stale - for example, if the Agent experienced a momentary disruption in network connectivity. With the February 2012 update, if Scribe Online Agent detects a stale ESB connection, it will gracefully degrade to use a polling mechanism to interact with the Scribe Online Cloud. When reliable network connectivity is re-established, the Scribe Online Agent will automatically revert back to using the real-time ESB connection.

* In certain circumstances, the Scribe Online UI would freeze, requiring you to refresh the browser in order to continue working. This was due to an underlying bug in Silverlight ( We have worked around this issue so that the UI should no longer freeze.

* When you are defining a Connection to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Scribe Online will now properly handle Organizations with commas in their name when browsing CRM organizations (Customer Ticket 44773).

* Under certain circumstances a Scribe Online SYS Solution Instance failed with the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" (Customer Ticket 45019). This error occurred when a filter contained criteria of "IS NOT NULL" in combination with a last run date net change criteria for a Map which had never run. This error is fixed with this update.

* Refresh metadata for an existing CRM connection could intermittently generate an incorrect secured fault error (Customer Ticket 44909). This error is fixed with this update.

* Attempting to replicate the activitymimeattachment entity could generate an invalid column name error on the document field (Customer Tickets 44597, 44616, 44528, 44620, 44589, and 44775). This error is fixed with this update.


Known Issues


The following are known issues in the February 2012 update of Scribe Online.


Issues with all Scribe Online Solutions:

* When you open a Filter dialog box (by clicking on the funnel icon), and then click on any drop-down field to display a list, the list appears outside of the Filter dialog. Moreover, in the Fields tab of the Manage Maps window, the Formula column may be truncated.

* Several customers have reported the following error when retrieving data from certain entities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Message: Unable to get the next page of data. Dynamics CRM has not advanced the page cookie for Entity


Microsoft has acknowledged that this is a defect in the Dynamics CRM SDK (Microsoft ticket REG:211091677078113001). Please contact Scribe support or Microsoft support directly if you encounter this issue.


Scribe Online SYS Issue

* When using the Microsoft SQL Server Connector, Scribe Online SYS currently only supports synchronizing data from tables which are contained by the logged in user's default schema for that database.

Workaround: To connect to a database with tables contained by multiple schemas (such as dbo.account, or, you need to create multiple Connections in Scribe Online using multiple users, one with a default schema for each of the schemas you need to use.

Note that when you define Maps using these Connections, you will only see the entities associated with the default owner of those entities for this Connection. Therefore, you may need to define multiple Maps within your SYS Solution Instance when synchronizing entities with multiple default owners. This issue will be addressed in the next update to Scribe Online.


Bob Sturim

VP of Engineering


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