Scribe Online - Query or Lookup block filters


I'd like to filter a query or lookup block to return only 5 item-types, using the field itemID.

It appears the connector (Netsuite) doesn't allow multiple filters using the same operator, for example

this works:

     ItemID equals 169164

this creates an error:

     ItemID equals 169164 OR

     ItemID equals 112263

Error " The supported query complexity has been exceeded. A field can be used only once."

So, is it possible to make something like this work?

     ItemID equals 169164 || 112263 || 125295 || 125820 || 169162

With this one I get a boolean value error

Error " Object of type 'System.Boolean' cannot be converted to type 'System.String'. "

Have tried:

   TOSTRING(169164 || 112263 || 125295 || 125820 || 169162)

but get the same boolean error as above.

I'd really appreciate assistance with this.

Thank you,


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