Is Scribe Online right for me?

I'd like some help to figure out if I am going down the right path.

I have a CRM Online client that would like to more availability to the database for reporting purposes. They are an event management company and we are using CRM to capture all of their registration data. All in all, in contacts and a couple of other entities, we currently have about 750,000 records and growing at a 30,000 clip per month.

I went down the path to try and get them hooked up in a CRM to Azure via Scribe online RS. I thought we could periodically refresh the db in Azure (was hoping nightly actually).

I kicked off the push from CRM to Azure. The job crashed 10hours later after about 150,000 records.

1. Is this method just out of the scope of what I am trying to do? Doing this for 1M records at this rate would take days (even if it were to complete without crashes)

2. Would there be a way to use a combination of RS and Sync to satify my requirements?

3. Any best practice recommendations would be very appreciated. :)


Posted by R P. on Jan 10 2013 3:16PM { U2558 , F35 , T2935 , C9477 }

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