ScribeReference field

The ScribeReference field is found on parent entities (such as the SalesOrder entity) and are used to populate a foreign key on child entities (such as SalesOrderId) to relate the line items back to the header.


A map showing the SalesOrderLineItem create operation:


For example, when creating SalesOrders and SalesOrderLineItems in Quickbooks, you would Create a SalesOrder record and then use the result of the SalesOrder.ScribeReference field from your backfill to map to the SalesOrderLineItem.SalesOrderId field as shown above.


You do not need to map anything to the SalesOrder.ScribeReference field - this field will populate on its own.


Posted by Nate K. on May 14 2013 9:30PM { U2644 , F46 , T3119 , C9962 }