Seeking formula

Hi all,

It could be that it is too easy, but I cannot think of a formula or method that gives me the outcome I need. I have a data table containing 4 columns as below

ID Position Chances Conversions
A 1 3 1
A 1 2 0
A 1 4 2
A 3 6 5
A 1 4 2
A 1 2 2
B 2 6 3
B 2 1 1
B 6 2 2

I made an average on conversions vs chances, I made a cross table so that I can see that ID A made 7 conversions on 15 chances at position 1 etc. etc. But I want to filter on the couple of chances at a particular position, so that I can see the average conversions with a minimum amount of chances at that particular position. (It wouldn't be fair if person B would win with 100% conversion rate at position 6 while only having 2 chances, right?)


Hope I am clear on what I want to archieve, I hope you could help me.

Thanks in advance!


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