Sequential event identification based on event ?

I  would like to compute calculated column to find an effective study event 

Many student records are available  each student have two events namely study and sports 
The good study event is decided based on the sports event (only if there is no imediate sports event after study based on date time column)

Attached the sample data and the required output column

0 - indicates after study there is immediate sports event

1  -Indicates  after study there is no immediate sports event 


Thanks in advance 




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I am a bit confused about your requirement. The row with Good study=1  had a sports event in the next row that starts 1 hour after end of that row. Do you mean sequential based on the next row, no matter the NAME value? Or does your logic involve the begin/end times?

Sean Riley - Mar 06, 2017 - 1:17pm ::
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