Server sizing

I am interested in knowing other Spotfire admin experieces with Server Sizing. There is no specific documentation or exercises in TIBCO for sizing (SAP has a good one for their tools if TIBCO is listening!). I have read some threads about companies having 12K users or so with one App Server and a cluster of two web player servers. In my case, I don't have 12K users; but I may get up to 1K per month rather quickly.

Right now, I have one App Server with 32GB of RAM and 8 cores. My Heap size is set up to 8GB of RAM. For Web Player I have a cluster with 2 servers, each with 32GB of RAM and each also with 8 cores. So far that has worked really well with about 120 unique users per day, 400 or so unique users per month. Around 15 users per day go to each web Player server (or 30 total using Web Player). Around 90 or so log in to the Desktop Application and Just pull data from Information Links (with queries on average being around 30K rows and 120 columns), and most of the work is on the client side since they are not using web player.

If you have a similar server configuration, what is the usage you have right now? How large are your queries? Are information links used substantially where you are? How about Web Player? If you have a large user base, how big is it? How much data do they pull via information links?

In advanced, thanks for sharing.