Shape/Color/Size by a group of column names

I am creating a scatterplot and I want to shape by a group of column names.  I have categories A, B, C and each category has a planned and uploaded value.  This gives me six columns on the Y axis.  I would like to size by a group of column names, instead of by the unique column names.  I want A planned, B planned, C planned to have the same shape, and A upload, B upload, C upload to have the same shape.  Currently I am just shaping by (column names) which gives me six unique shapes.


I was unable to get the syntax for a case statement inside of the shape by custom expression, which is how I was thinking I could do this. I tried to following case statement: 

<CASE [Axis.Default.Names] 




l tried this small case statement to see if I could get a value returned but I got the error: "Invalid type for function call '=' "

Is this possible? 


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