Show percent instead of sum in line chart



I have a line chart made in spotfire. I want to show performance percentage instead of sum (counts) on Y axis.. Please see attached doc.  

Performance percentage -  Number of persons doing observations in a month ( without count 0 ) / number of people doing plus number not doing observations (total persons)


So instead of sum of counts per month i want to show % participation of people for that month.


For ex. - in Jan . out of total 11 persons only 9 has count as non zero. so i want to see in the graph this percentage i.e. 9/11=.818 ( 81%)


Plesae let me know how to do the same. Also, I can use other chart instead of line chart, for ex. Bar Chart.





NOTE : Finally I was able to write the expression for the same :-

sum(case  when ([Name] is not null) And ([Count]<>0) then 1 else 0 END) / count()


Thanks Saheer for your guidance.




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