Showing the filtered months in a text area


I am trying to add a calculated value to a text area, that displays the months that have been filtered in the data.

To do so, I created a calculated column with


In the text area, I want to display the filtered values like so:

filtered Values:
myDate: January - October

When there is only a single value filtered I want it to show only that month like so:

filtered Values:
myDate: January

When I concatenate the months together, I end up with numbers, so it reads: "myDate: 1 - 9"

I've tried splitting up the calculated values in the text area, so I can use the custom format "MMMM" on each calculated value. However, when I hand over a NULL for the "to" date (when its the same as the "from" date), Spotfire shows it like so:

myDate: January  (Empty)


Any suggestions what I could try?

Spotfire Version 7.7

Thanks in advance!

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