Slow performance Scribe Online

We experienced for a while a slow performance of the new Scribe Online portal. When we query for example a CRM table sometimes Scribe Online freezes or I have to wait some minutes to get result on screen. Therefor debugging my code has become a frustrating experience. In the old version (Silverlight) this works much faster and that is the reasons that I use the old version instead of the new version. Is there a reason for the slow performance? Is the CRM table too large to handle properly by the new Scribe Online app?


Hi Stephen, 

This is Albert with the TIBCO Scribe Support Team. We saw your comment and would like to know more about the Performance degradation that you are facing. Maybe there is something we can do to assist you. I will open a Support Case on your behalf to discuss this further. 

Thanks and Kind Regards,


albert.baiungo1... - Jul 17, 2019 - 10:28am ::

I take it that you never got a response to this?  I have the same issue, the performce degrades pretty quickly. After a few minutes I have to close and reopen. 

stephen.rutherford - Jul 16, 2019 - 9:48am ::
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