Some part of the data table could not be loaded. A data source may be missing or has been changed.


I've seen this question asked before, but none of the posted solutions seem to work.

In the client, I've built a trio of queries that are all pinging a Teradata server.  This report had been working a week ago, and today, stopped working and showed the error above.  

Actions I've taken;

  • Verified the System Account UserID and PW were correct
  • Verified that the credentitials were embedded
  • For each query within the problem table, I went back into them and selected "Verify"
    • Refreshed the schema after completing this
  • Reverified that my calculatated columns were using the proper datatypes
  • Tried seperate browswers (Chrome, vs. IE)
  • Verified that Store Data was set to Linked to Source
  • Verified OTHER reports in QA, that are linked to Teradata are working properly (they are)

My next step is going to be to promote this from our QA server to Production to see if that resolves anything.

Any thoughts are welcome!



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