Sort Waterfall chart by values

Hi all,

I have a waterfall chart with some string labels on the axis, which are sorted by alphabetical order.

The first is the beginning of period value, the following are the variations occurred during the period in each country and then the last one is the end of period value.

I would like to have the values in between the beginnnig and end of period values to be sorted in descending order: for example in the attached chart the first country would be Middle East (followed by Italy).

Finally, the chart changes according to a filter on period so I would like the sorting to change accordingly each time the values change.

I have found that under Edit>column properties> Sort Order there are some sorting possibilities but I am not sure that there is one that satisfies  my request.

I am new to Spotfire so please try to be as detailed as possible iin your answers.


Thank you



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