Spotfire 10.3 - Remember personalized view for each web client user

Hi all, 

i'm using Spotfire 10.3 and for an analysis i have flagged the property "Remember personalized view for each web client user" but when user open analysis does not open with the same page and marking or filter. 

On another analysis, instead, created with 7.5 version some years ago and migrated to 10.3, the "Remember personalized view for each web client user" works fine: when user open the analysis have last page, filters and markings selected. 



I verified that the opening analysis only remembers the page, the values ​​selected in the drop down lists inserted in the html area and the right side filters 
but NOT markings selected. Why?
Another analysis takes up all the markings too. 
Can it depend on the fact that the one that remembers everything was developed initially with version 7.5?

There are other settings to set?

Help me users ask me to set the analysis in order to remember all user selections..

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