Spotfire 5.0.1 Hotfixes to Client and Analytics

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Does anyone know why Tibco no longer lists the following Spotfire Hotfixes on the associated pages:

TIBCO Spotfire 5.0.x (Client, Web Player and Automation Services): TSS_5.0.1.42 HF-010 (Released: 20-September-2013)

Fixes the following issue(s):

  • Table group collapse button not visible in Web Player filter panel if using multiple tables but only one visible table.
  • Unable to open file with erroneous curve from Data table expression.
  • Spotfire may terminate when opening or configuring an analysis containing a Combination Chart, if the Combination Chart has many multi-level 'series by' categories explicitly set.
  • Description missing in the right pane of the Open from Library dialog.
  • Table plot not updating properly if not limited by filtering.
  • Incorrect coloring in Cross Table and Heat Map when having measures with the same display name.
  • K-means clustering may produces only one cluster when having flat or relative flat lines.
  • Spotfire may terminate when using a visualization that contains an empty continuous color scheme.
  • The Trim calculation may give incorrect results when using analyses created in TIBCO Spotfire version 3.3 or earlier.
  • Data from an Information link that is pivoted, with the pivoting based on a calculated column, may not be correctly imported if using an analysis created in TIBCO Spotfire version 4.5 or earlier.
  • Export to PDF fails if the name of the analysis contains "&" characters.
  • When exporting a Bar Chart with many bars to PDF, some bars are not visible in the PDF.
  • Slow TIBCO Spotfire Professional startup on some systems.
  • K-means calculation may fail when using column names on the X-axis.
  • Line Similarity using Euclidean distance may fail to give result.
  • An extension rendering tab control with width less than 48px results in Invalid argument when using Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9.
  • Unable to upgrade TIBCO Spotfire Professional that has previously been upgraded from TIBCO Spotfire 4.0.0, when running as a restricted user.
  • TIBCO Spotfire may terminate when adding rows to data based on linked data, and the data type has changed on one or more columns.
  • "Share to TIBBR" fails for TIBBR hosts of version 4.1.
  • On the Web Player Server, long running image requests are not cancelled even when the web browser is closed.
  • The Filter panel is not updated when the Filtering scheme is changed via scripting.
  • TIBCO Spotfire may terminate when using Range filter calendar control for custom date time format strings.
  • Open from Library may fail if running multiple spotfire sessions simultaneously.
  • TIBCO Spotfire may terminate with a Stack Overflow exception when opening an analysis that uses the map operator on many values in a custom expression.
  • Mixed content warning when selecting Analysis Information in the Web Player, when using https.
  • Bad performance for large Cross Table visualizations when using auto decimals number formatting.
  • Graphical Table with y-axis = row number (baserowid) doesn't get updated when the data table is refreshed and the number of rows increases.
  • Visualization rendering take long time when having a large number of trellis panels.
  • Data Properties with the IsUserEditable flag not set is not exported in SBDF and STDF formats.
  • TIBCO Spotfire may terminate when updating an existing Line Similarity if the resulting columns have been filtered upon (this should not be possible to do).
  • TIBCO Spotfire may terminate under some conditions when using Conditional Coloring in Cross Tables and Heat maps, with the error "System.NullReferenceException at Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals.ConditionalColoring.ColoringCollection.FindLevelByName"

TIBCO Spotfire (Analytics) Server Hotfixes: TSS_5.0.1 HF-008 (Released: 03-October-2013)

Fixes the following issue(s):

  • LDAP group synchronization may fail when group member DN:s do not match the DN:s stored in the group member attribute values because they differ in case and/or have different whitespace in them.
  • Importing a large Information Model may fail with exception "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed to find attachment".


I haven't heard anything yet and was curious - they were removed yesterday afternoon.


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