Spotfire 7.6: Where to configure proxy settings?

Previously, Spotfire 7.0 Web Player was on Microsoft IIS. My Spotfire Server server is setting behind a corporate proxy server to have access to the Internet. Consequently, built-in map charts cannot load because they attempt to connect to the Internet where TIBCO geoanalytics is to retrieve the base map data. I had to configure the proxy settings according to the following documentation:

Relevant parts of the web.config file are shown here. The following works for my Spotfire 7.0 Web Player setup and the map charts can load the map data properly.

	  <proxy proxyaddress="" scriptLocation="" />
	  <!-- Proxy credentials -->
	  <setting name="ProxyUsername" serializeAs="String">
	  <setting name="ProxyPassword" serializeAs="String">

Problem arises when I upgrade to Spotfire Server 7.6 where the overall system architecture has changed. IIS is no longer necessary and from what I understand, it is replaced by Tomcat for Spotfire Server, and is it Jetty + prunsrv for the Node Manager services? Since the above proxy configuration method is specific to IIS, I have no idea how to achieve the same results of allowing Spotfire Server to get Internet access through my corporate proxy server. I can't find anything related to this in the documentation:

I tried to tinker with the setenv.bat (my setup is Windows-based) in the Tomcat bin folder by editing the following line but it doesn't work.

  • set JAVA_OPTS=-server -XX:+DisableExplicitGC -Xms512M -Xmx4096M -Dhttp.proxyPort=port -Dhttp.proxyUser=myusername -Dhttp.proxyPassword=mypassword

I also tried looking into the Node Manager configuration files:

  • config.json and in nm\config folder, or
  • Spotfire.Dxp.Worker.Automation.config, Spotfire.Dxp.Worker.Core.config, Spotfire.Dxp.Worker.Host.exe.config, Spotfire.Dxp.Worker.Web.config files in nm\services\WebWorker-... folder, but I don't find anything related to proxy servers
  • Also considered the mappings of the old IIS web.config to the new config files

I'm out of ideas without specific documentation on this. Can anyone please provide some pointers?

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