Spotfire Analytics (web) and SQL Server data source

Hi experts,

I'm new on Spotfire and I'm wondering a lot of questions with this powerful tool.

For exemple : 

With the Spotfire Desktop client, I'm able to create a data source to Microsoft SQL Server and I can make a dashboard on top of it.

Now, I would like to export my analysis on my Spotfire Server, in order to create a lot of stuff like Schedule, etc.

My questions are :

 - Why I can't directly create an analysis on SQL Server through web Analytics instead of using the Desktop? Currently, I'm only able to use "Google Analytics" and "Salesforce" but where are the other data sources?

 - How I can export my data connection / dashboard from my Desktop into my Server (library)? I can only save the dashboard into a local dxp file...

Best regards,

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