Spotfire and the GIS feature server||URL Access issue

Hello Everyone,

Request someone to please help us on the below issue related to accessing WMS layer in Spotfire :-

The issue is that the user cannot access the data and its attributes from the below link via WMS :- (https://gismapserver/arcgis/rest/services/BaseMaps/Countries_Coastlines_Provinces_IHS/FeatureServer)

According to him, the WMS layer is coming from internal ArcGIS server, but he cannot see its attributes.

The user is suspecting that it maybe because it has not been enabled on the server. The data seems to be displayed via feature server and it has a query capabilities enabled. The user tried to add the internal URL (https://gismapserver/arcgis/rest/services/BaseMaps/Countries_Coastlines_Provinces_IHS/FeatureServer) for the Web Map Service server, however it seems to throw an error saying - "Error when requesting capabilities from the URL". Please find the error screenshot attached. The user suspects this issue related to permissions for the URL.

Hence, request you to please help us in identifying the issue faced and guide us.


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