Spotfire Automation Services to automate data refresh

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I am currently developing Spotfire dashboards for a client and am in need of a solution to this problem. The end-users will access the dashboards through the webplayer, and all data will be embedded because the users will not have access to the databases that the dashboards are pulling from. So, in order to refresh the data we currently open the dashboard from the library using Spotfire desktop, change the datatable setting from embedded to linked to source, refresh the data, change the setting back to embedded, and save the document back to the library.

The client is going to have several of these dashboards to maintain, and we want to automate the process described above. I have never worked with Spotfre Automation Services, and I want to understand whether it is capable of switching a datatable's properties from embedded to linked to source and then back again.

One other question, is Automation Services able to save a document as a local file (i.e. not to the library) and then make some changes before saving it back to the library? 

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did you get this working? i am having the same need here :)

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lauhp09 - May 25, 2016 - 7:25am
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