Spotfire Bookmarks not setting Document Properties properly

I have a dxp file published to Library (Server) having 5 dashboards.
All my filters are created using Document Properties for users to interact 
I did the below scenario:

  1. Selected certain values from the Properties so that data gets filtered in reports.
  2. Did the same in all 5 pages
  3. Created a bookmark
  4. Went ahead and made some more changes to the report. Selected another set of values/changed the time frame
  5. Did the same ini all 5 pages
  6. Created a bookmark.

Now when I close the Analysis and reopen it, the latest bookmark gets applied to it by default. (I do not know if it is the bookmark working or the last state the user left it in).
When I click on the older bookmark, only first 2 pages reflect filter values properly. Rest reflect the New one.
When I re-did this, the last 3 were showing properly. First 2 had proper time range as well, but the product filters were wrong.

Can you please tell me what is to be done.


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