Spotfire Consumer (Web Player) can't open Microsoft Access database from a file share


We're running Spotfire 7.0.1 on Windows Server 2008.

We created an analysis using Spotfire Analyst that opens a Microsoft Access database (.accdb) file from a network file share (as a file not using ODBC). The file is specified using its UNC path, e.g. \\SHARE_SERVER\path\to\database.accdb. This works fine in Analyst.

We then save this analysis to our Spotfire Library and when we open the analysis in Consumer (Web Player) the following error message is displayed:

The data table "MainDataSetFromSp..." could not be opened. The data source may be missing or has been changed.

We have configured our Web Player server using

<setting name="AllowAllFilePaths" serializeAs="String">

The file share is visible and accessible from the Web Player server, and the Access database file is readable by all users.

We've also created another analysis that reads an Excel file from the file share folder, and this analysis successfully opens the Excel file in Consumer.

I checked the Web Player and Consumer log files and could find no errors associated with the failure to open the Access database file.

Why can Consumer open the Excel file but not the Access file from the file share?


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