[Spotfire] Custom expression on ScatterPlot


I have a problem with a custom expression on a ScatterPlot. This is the custom expression I want to use on the Axis:

<Sum([SUM_NBR_BKG_TOT]) OVER ([Axis.Color]) / Sum([SUM_NBR_BKG_TOT])> 

but I get the following error : Could not find axis : 'Color'

This expressionw works well when I replace [Axis.Color] by the column it is refering to ( <Sum([SUM_NBR_BKG_TOT]) OVER ([calculatedColumn]) / Sum([SUM_NBR_BKG_TOT])> ) but the plot is not reacting to data filtering.

I guess it is due to the fact I have to force my expression to be Categorical but I am not sure.

You can find attached a sample dxp describing the issue

Any thoughts about this ?



Binary Data scatterplot_colorby.dxp553.68 KB

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