Spotfire Information Link - filter is not working

I am a beginner in Spotfire. I developed a simple information link.


  1. I Created 2 tables by adding columns.
  2. Then created Joins. 3 simple inner joins on the above table. The reason for 3 joins is it makes the query run faster than only 1 join.
  3. Then created an information link by adding elements and joins.
  4. This works perfectly well. The data is fetched properly. But as soon as I add filter, it stops working.

I tried

  1. Creating Filter -> and then adding as element to the information link
  2. Adding filter in the column filter itself: Column E_ID - Expression %1 = 1000
  3. Editing the sql query in the information link. I added one more clause in the where section: AND E1."E_ID" = 1000
  4. Keeping only one inner join condition and then adding Filter on the same column and adding the filter element to the information link.

None of these work. If I remove the filter, its working perfectly fine. Database is sql server

Please suggest where I am making mistake.

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