Spotfire IronPython script to Auto Generate Visualization, and bookmark updates


I would like to ask a general questions before starting a small project on my own using IronPython. 

I have 100 parameter lists (probably more), and these parameter lists will insert to a data function to grab the data from cloud. Based on the 100 parameters, visualization (scatter plots, box plot and bar chart) will be plotted based on the need. An example, parameter#1 vs parameter#2....100 on scatter plot, that would be 99 visualizations. 

Is there an ironpython script that loop the parameters lists (from window folder) to generate the visualization, and export to jpg ?

Secondly, is there a script to auto update the bookmark? I found out that, whenever i change visualization without updating the bookmark, the changes does not reflect in the pdf after export. 

Mr. Ong


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