Spotfire Link renderer ampersand issue

Hello guys, I would appreciate if you could help with this. I want to render a link (within a table visualization in Spotfire) based on cell vallue which is calculated (calculated column). The URL has two parameters so that's why the calculated column is used to assemble the URL. It goes like this: http://web?par1=value1&par2=value2 The calculated column seems to work fine and the address is correct. I'm trippng on the rendering of the ampersand character. When I click the resulting link, web browser adress contains this: http://web?par1=value1&par2=value2. And that's not correct as I don't want the ampersand to be treated like text within the adress but for URL parsing purpose (so the web browser can send correct parameters). If I manually removed the "amp;" characters then, it worked.

Any idea how to prevent the renderer from substituting "&" for "& amp;" ?


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