Spotfire load-on-demand and HANA views: marking not possible due to missing primary key

We are using HANA views in our Spotfire dashboards and want to use load-on-demand. In one of the scenario's we want to use marking in on load-on-demand visualization to trigger the load-on-demand of another visualization. However when using load-on-demand on a HANA view Spotfire tells us that marking is not possible due to a missing Primary Key.

If loaded in memory Spotfire allows to select the column(s) that make up the primary key and everything works fine. When switching to load-on-demand this option is grayed out. Moreover, the HANA views we use have the KEY attribuut set for the primary key column(s) but Spotfire doesnot seem to recognize this as the primary key.

Anyone got this to work or is it simply not possible with the current Spotfire version?


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