Spotfire Over() function finding for Overall total with multiple condition?

I have a cross table and want to create a column for FG Rate by monthly. previously my horizontal axis header is Month(column name). my vertical axis is description. Below is my formula in cell value axis and i'm using over() function. This gives me the total count inputted in a month and total count of description in a month. with new requirements to add the family in vertical axis Where and how can i Add the Family in over() function to give the total count inputted in a month and by family?

Basically, The cross table gives me overview of the monthly rate of FG that came from the following description at each family. Thank you in advance.

below is my current code and sample cross table screen shot. Before it doesn't have the Family in vertical axis only description. you in

sum(case when ([YieldType]="Yield") and ([code]!="9b") and (
[fg_cnt]=1) then 1 end) / Sum(case when [YieldType]="Yield" then 1 end)
OVER (All([Axis.Rows])) as [FGRate]

Thank you in advance


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