Spotfire Report not opening in Webplayer but opens in Client

A particular Spotfire report throws error when opened in Webplayer and opens without error in Client.

What steps do i follow to debug the issue?


Error Reported from Webplayer:

Error in TIBCO Spotfire Web Player at 10/23/2017 12:01:08 PM

Unable to open analysis '/xxx/xxxxx/xxxxx/xxxxxx2.0'. 
ActiveX: False, Beta: False, Browser: Firefox, ClrVersion: 0.0, Cookies: True, EcmaScriptVersion: 3.0, Frames: True, 
Id: firefox3plus, InputType: keyboard, IsMobileDevice: False, JavaApplets: True, JScriptVersion: 0.0, MaximumHrefLength: 10000, 
MaximumRenderedPageSize: 300000, MobileDeviceManufacturer: Unknown, MobileDeviceModel: Unknown, MSDomVersion: 0.0, Platform: WinNT,
 PreferredImageMime: image/gif, PreferredRenderingMime: text/html, PreferredRenderingType: html32, SupportsUncheck: True,
 SupportsXmlHttp: True, Tables: True, Type: Firefox54, UseOptimizedCacheKey: True, VBScript: False, Version: 54.0, W3CDomVersion: 1.0, Win32: True,


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