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I am having problems configuring scheduled updates for a report that I have created. This report consists of a data table (information link) with on demand data (a range of dates, min value = today - 1 month, max value = today). My aim is to have a report which updates on the server at certain schedule, many times per day (the background database is frequently updated). I would like to schedule an update which, no matter what is cached, load the data directly from the database into the report. At the same I time I need the regular users to access it with no loading time. What is the best configuration to obtain this result?

I tried to use "on demand data". If I properly understood the way scheduled updates work for on demand data table, it simulates at a certain schedule, an access to the report by an anonymous user, so I should leave "load automatically" option enable: at the moment of the scheduled update the data are loaded. In order to prevent other users to wait for the data to reload anytime they access the web player, also "allow cache" should be activated. So, anytime regular users access the report they istantly access the cached version of the report. am I right so far?

The problem with this approach is that I can only update the data once (the first time the report is opened in the day): if the regular user access the report before the time of the scheduled update, then he/she will wait the data to load.

Is the behaviour different if I select "all data at once" rather than "data on demand"? In that case how should the report be configured to obtain what I need?

Is there any third option that I don't see at the moment?

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