Spotfire is showing inconsistent Data

Hi (Attached is the query used) We have a report that is scheduled for cache at 07:05 AM everyday. The cache is suppose to load the latest data but it brings some random dates as the most recent record. This is happening bot Client and the web version. This report is using a query with multiple unions and it brings in 5M records and takes upto 45 minutes to load and at times is take over 1.5hours to cache. Question: Why is it not bringing the latest data available in DB all the time. What could have caused this inconsistency. Why is this issue intermittent. Ex: On 02/12/2019 At 8:00 am when loaded in client it pulled 02/04/2019 as the latest data but the DB has 02/11/2019 as latest data. Same day at 9:30 Am i ran the report again in Client and it pulled 02/11/2019 as the latest data as in DB.


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