Spotfire / SQL Stored Procedure - Refreshing Tables

I have set up a SQL Stored Procedure that is connected to a Spotfire Procedure and then fed into an InfoLink in order for a database write-back to occur.  There is an input field that the user enters a value.  Upon clicking the "UPDATE" button, the write-back to the SQL table happens and the field is updated.  This works well.  No issues here.  The problem I have is that when I set up a Spotfire button to execute the Stored Procedure Info Link, I also want the base table to refresh in Spotfire.

I have tried everything I've seen ont he web for this, but the only way I can get this to happen is using two distinctly dedicated buttons:

- ONE button dedicated to perform the write-back
- ANOTHER button dedicated to refresh the data table in Spotfire that was just modified by the Stored Procedure

Is it possible to have ONE button to (1) execute the stored procedure to update the SQL table AND (2) refresh the data table within Spotfire?