Spotfire technical details

Dear all,

Our team is considering the purchase of Spotfire BI tool for implementing in a project. To make a right decision, we have some questions about this tool and we really need your expertise.

1) What is the limit of records in "In-Memory Data" mode (when loading csv/txt file into tool)?

2) When adding a structural realtions between 2 or more tables ("In-Database Data" mode), is it possible to pre-process tables using scripts? (for example, to split columns into 2 new ones)?

3) When using an external database ("In-Database Data" mode), is it possible to pre-save data in the internal tool database, like in Qlikview (some data is pre-loaded in the tool at night to save time during working with the tool)?

Also I would be very grateful if you show me Spotfire architecture (how BI tool is integrated with server).

Many thanks.

Glen Katsay

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