Start & End Date Buckets

I have a date field and a variable field.  See the example table below.

Date Field
1/1/2018 A
1/2/2018 A
1/3/2018 B
1/4/2018 B
1/5/2018 A

I need a table (preferably cross table) that looks like this.

Start End Field
1/1/2018 1/2/2018 A
1/3/2018 1/4/2018 B
1/5/2018 1/5/2018 A

I'm just not sure on how to do this.  Another challenge is that the original data is not sorted like the first table.  I was able to accomplish this in Excel using a formula that created a count when the field value changes but that only works when the original data is sorted.

Thanks in advance.

(2) Answers