Starter Pack for CRM 2011 to Dynamics CRM 2016


I'm using Scribe Online for an on prem migration from CRM 2011 to Dynamics CRM 2016. I found a starter pack for CRM 2011 to CRM Online, but wasn't able to find one for on prem 2016. I started using the online pack and was able to make some progress in that the CRM solution for online worked with on prem, but I'm now running into issues with the connection to CRM 2016 on prem and am wondering if that's because of differences with on prem and online.

After importing the starter pack solutions, I'm able to set the CRM 2011 connection to my CRM 2011 on prem connector, but when I try to set the "CRM Online for CRM 2011" connection the connector on my 2016 server it never retrieves the metadata and I see the error "Connection with Id 'd8854ee2-c8b3-4bdf-903f-8b1250539124' does not exist.". I've tried restarting the 2016 connector within scribe online and that succeeds, so does the test connection procedure, so it appears the connector is working.


So I guess I have a couple of questions:

Is using the 2011 to CRM Online starter pack a bad idea if I'm going to on prem Dynamics CRM as my destination?

Assuming i'm on the right path, any suggestion on why I can connect to my CRM 2011 agent but not the 2016 on prem agent?


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