Static Agent IP Addresses For US Data Center Scheduled For April 25, 2018

You asked, we listened! We are happy to report that we are now assigning static IP addresses to our Agent API. This will make it easier to manage firewall restrictions.


Currently, the IP addresses associated with are dynamic and can change. This URL is used by Scribe Online Agents to communicate with the Cloud.


If your Scribe Online On-Premise Agent is installed in an environment with a firewall or proxy server, the URL must be whitelisted. However, if you have a firewall or proxy server that does not allow you to white list a URL, you need an IP address instead. In this case, dynamic IP addresses are not suitable because you may need to update your whitelisting rules frequently.


To better support our customers using On-Premise Agents in an environment with a firewall or proxy server, Scribe has scheduled a maintenance release for April 25, 2018 that provides static IP addresses for Agents associated with the US Data Center. 


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