Statistics Services URL configuration issue

I am not able to link to the Statistics Services from a remote Spotfire Client. I have Statistics Services installed on Windows Server 2012 along with a Spotfire Server instance. Even though I designate the the full path of the server during installation such as: I cannot reach the Statistics Services home page from a remote computer. 

From the virtual machine where the Statistics Services is intalled I can reach the home page through servername:8080/SplusServer but not through the full url path. I have the port 8080 open through the firewall.

I have also checked in the C:\Program Files\TIBCO\statsvcs70\SplusServer\conf\spserver file, the service.url property is correctly set up. 
I have tried to change the full server name ( to the IP address --> service.url=http\://10.x.x.x\:8080/SplusServer but no luck.

Also, when I try to change the content of this spserver file to let's say service.url=http\://differentServerName\:8080/SplusServer; then save the file and restart the service I can still reach the Statistics Services home page through the servername:8080/SplusServer but not through the differentServerName/SplusServer.
It seems like the change made through spserver file does not get picked up at all. 

At the same time I have no problem reaching the Spotfire Server Admin page through from either the VM or from a remote computer. 

Obviously as a result no Spotfire Client can link to the Statistics Services.

Is there anything else to be done so that the spserver service.url property gets picked up or is there another place wehere this gets defined?

Is it possible that something got left behind after the first incorrect installation (when the default service.url was not changed to the full path) and that keeps 'bleeding' into every reinstallation attempt? (I have tried to reinstall it a few times until I figured out about the spserver config file).

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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