Storing data in Scribe before sending it to another system

I have a following use case.


I am querying all the contacts from Netsuite. Then for each contact there is an entity called subscription as a child so for each result for query I am also query each child.


Now I would need to send this contact to another system including the data from all of the childs as well. My question is that is it possible to store the data to Scribe somehow so I wouldn't have to make a separate update call for each child to another system.


I'll give more detailed example. First I query contacts. I get contact Then I ask subscriptions for the contact. I have to do foreach child so I get subscription Italy=true, France=false, US= true.


Now I would like to just do a one create operation where all these values would be included so I wouldn't need to create three calls (in my actual use case there is 13 childs always so it's quite a lot). At the moment I have to build the map like this which makes it slow and requires quite a lot of API calls.


So is there a way to store that data from each child in some buffer inside of Scribe so that I could just make a single create call after all the childs have been fetched.

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