Sum of Averages in Spotfire

Hello experts,

I thought it would be very easy, but I've been struggling for days to make this simple query work. What I need is an expression that gives me the sum of averages.

(Due to filtering requirements I can't pivot my data table or use calculated columns, it has to be an expression).


Category Item Value
cat1 it1 10
cat1 it2 20
cat2 it1 30
cat2 it2 40
cat2 it2 50
Sum of Averages:   55

So Avg(cat1) + Avg(cat2) = 55 is what I'm after, but no matter what I try I just can't make it work. Any help would be extremely appreciated!

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What type of visualization do you intend to use?
wirlybird - Jan 25, 2016 - 4:56am
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