Sum over first category, but show for all categories

In a block diagram I would like to show the quotient of two sums of rows of a table over a set of categories , say sum([A])/sum([B]) OVER (All([Axis.X])). The categories are called 'Overall' and then a set of subgroups. Since the subsgroups don't contain all the values of [B], I would like to use the sum([B]) of the category 'Overall' in the denominator, but  then show the result for all categories. How can I solve this?

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I have tried Sum([A]) / Sum(If([Region]="Overall",[B])), but this is showing the right value for the first [Region] only, while I want to have the quotient for all regions.

jcb - May 09, 2019 - 2:15pm
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