Sum of Unique Count of 1 value in 1 Column based on condition on 2nd Column

Hi there,

Here is a simplified data set with only 3 columns and 7 rows (column names are made up but share the same nature):

Group  Location(s) Population Density
A Address_1 High
A Address_2 High
C Address_6 Mid
B Address_5 High
A Address_3 High
B Address_4 High
D Address_7 Low

Population Density is static within its corresponding Group, Location(s) is the one having variable values even within each Group.

What I'm trying to do is to count the number of unique Group where Population Density = High and sum that up. So in the above data set, the result should be 2 (Group A & Group B).

Is that doable in Spotfire using Insert Calculated Column? if not, what will be the workaround? My Spotfire level is only at Intermediate level since I self-learn a lot from playing around with it.



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