Syntax in infolink sql to implement sub (or innner) sql queries

I'm designing an infolink at this moment and i want to implement an infolink containing innner sql queries. Something like in the following example:

     T1."ID" as "ID",
     T1."Date" as "Date",
     (Select "Shortname"
      From T2,T3
      Where T2."ID" = T3."PersonID" and T2."Role" = 1 and T2."ElelementID"=T1."ID") as "SHORTNAME"

From T1
Where ........

I've created the information link without the inner sql part and wanted to add that manually to the original query.
When i implement it like above (which works perfectly in another sql query tool) i get a message that the FROM T2,T3 is not expecte here.

I've tried all kind of ways to implement this subquery but failed up to now.

Can anyone show me what the correct way of doing this is?

greetz Ed






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