Target variable from webservice holds the passed in value instead of the returned value

I've got an DTS which updates or inserts addresses via a webservice call. When an address is inserted the methods returns the addressID in the response message. The name of the field is identical to the field which would hold the ID in the case of an update. 


This somehow confuses the webserviceadapter. The targetvariable always outputs the passed in value of this field. So when the ID is either #NULL! or "" the variable will output #NULL! of "", even in the case the returned message holds a valid addressID.


This DTS also returns a sessiontoken in the same method. This does gets outputted correctly. The only difference is that the AddressID is mapped in the DTS with a dataformula and the SessionID is not. 


Can someone please help me out?  I've attached a prnscn of the tracing with some comments for clarification. 

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